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Gill is Interviewed so that you can learn a little more about her:

Life hasn’t always been easy for you has it?

Ah, no, not at all. (laughs)

One day I’ll finish writing my biography, friends mock me that it would trump the sensational storylines of a soap opera! 

But I really wouldn’t change a single thing.  It’s given me the much-needed empathy to excel in this for this line of work.  I believe it’s important to be relatable!

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Told that you are a little whirlwind.  By the time it takes anyone else to contemplate doing something, you’ve already done it?

Yes.  I need to learn to stop that.  I am constantly striving for perfection, because everything that's worth doing, is worth doing well – right?

How has that translated into your Spiritual Life Coaching?  

Well, I have to say, I have received top notch coaching and mentoring from only the best coaches, and I have tried to take my time, get my ducks In a line so to speak.  I have had to learn patience, I’m getting there!

One thing’s for sure, I am extremely grateful and will always express my sincere gratitude to anyone that has been part of my own spiritual journey.  It hasn’t always been easy but I am dedicated to my work and to my clients.

You come from a corporate background?

Yes, I guess you could say that I am from the corporate world.  I had a relatively successful career spanning three decades.  It included C-suite Sales and Marketing roles within the Tech industry. And it sounds a bit cheesy, but I was an award-winning marketer, key in launching a handful of household Tech brands to the UK market. 


I’ve worked with investors and entrepreneurs on seed level start-ups too. I was involved in the tech space early doors.  I can honestly say that I’ve had afternoon tea with Bill Gates and meetings with Steve Jobs during his time at Next Computer.

Would you define yourself as a bit of a risk taker?

Um, yes.  I guess so, I'm not reckless though. In my marriage my husband had the more stable career, following his passions, he is a commercial pilot and head of training.  He is the steady and safe pair of hands; I’ve always been the entrepreneur so to speak.  Without him, I probably wouldn’t have been able to explore my own passions. I will be eternally grateful to him.

So you are quite an adventurous person then?

Yes, you could say that.  I’ll give anything a go! I’ve packed up and left for a new adventure, not believing I’ll ever return.  Packing up all my worldly possessions to move to the South of France.  I enjoyed it, it lasted a couple of years, I felt a bit isolated, didn’t quite get to grips with the lingo.  It was Provence, they all speak as though they have a croak in their throats.  The next adventure is going to be Spain, Southern Spain.  I love it there, it’s my old stomping ground.

You are a great cook and hostess?

Well, I wouldn’t say great, I give it a go.  I find cooking therapeutic, it’s like meditation for me.  All my spirit ancestors seem to join me in the kitchen when I’m cooking.  If I’m batch cooking the my husband asks me what’s up and why am I stressed.  Funny really.

You have been on TV?

Yes, I was on air over five nights doing Come Dine with Me.  That was a life changing experience.  I won the competition and to cut a long story short, one of the contestants was later diagnosed with Cancer and unfortunately, we lost him.  I went on to set up a charity in his memory and raised over £50k. 

I was then approached to take part in two episodes of Come Dine with Me Champion of Champions, a commissioned show to celebrate 10 successful years of the show.  I was lucky enough to win my knockout round. I understand that Episodes can be viewed on Netflix and Apple TV.

Tell us about your own spiritual journey?

During the pandemic I was working freelance for a cyber security firm but became inspired to home in on my true passions, a little voice nagging in my head - if you do what you love, you’ll never have to work again!


For me, I believed that passion to be interior design, who doesn’t love a bit of fluffing up?

Anyway, I trained during lockdown and launched a new career and business called Sophisticated Styling.  I Gained my first customer within a month or two of launching, and then more projects followed.  

Things were going well, though I have to admit that is was far more stressful than I could ever have imagined.  It was a client that completely put a spanner in the works with a message from spirit that would turn my world upside down and it changed my focus completely. That message went something like this; “You know you are psychic, don’t you? A psychic healer, a light worker?  It is your destiny to help mankind, you can’t ignore it any longer, spirit have been waiting for you, guiding you to take the right path.”  

Now my family and friends, I am sure would collectively agree that I had grown up with psychic abilities, spending the majority of my childhood with my grandmother who was a gifted fortune teller, using the art of tea leaf reading, and Tarot cards too.  She was keen on astrology and zodiac signs, especially relationship compatibilities. I guess you could say that I had been involved in my grandmothers’ esoteric practices since being knee high. 

Also, it made sense really, I had continued the periphery of spiritualism in my adult life. At the start of the millennium, I spent a lot of time in Marbella with my best friend Sheenagh.  Sheenagh my husband refers to as the Guru.  She was working closely with her Angels back then; you could say that she was on a mission to teach everyone else how to work and connect with their Angels too. After all, we all, it’s true that we have our own dedicated guardian Angel and a Spirit Guide but we, as humans, we also have freedom of choice and free will. So, If ever you need help from your Angels or Spirit Guides, you must ask. Then always remember to show gratitude.

Back in Marbella, you could say that I tagged along, I was along for the ride so to speak, together we would be off for the day, lunching at the Marbella Tennis Club then conducting radio interviews in the afternoon about Angels. I would support Sheenagh in writing about the Zodiac signs for the well renowned X magazine too.  

Providing spiritual guidance, life coaching, relationship coaching and even Feng shui basics to a handful of professional footballers and financial entrepreneurs.  But at that time, I was not focused on any personal spiritual pursuits whatsoever, I was a single mum climbing the corporate ladder, with all the associated responsibilities and a reasonably big ego.

Being told of my soul’s purpose, my destiny, it was a lot to digest.  It also coincided with a challenging period of what I now know to have been an awkward spiritual awakening. Anxiety levels intensified due to fear and imposter syndrome had begun setting in. I was questioning everything.

Who am I?  Why me? What’s it all about?  What if I can’t heal people?  God, universe, divine - I don’t know that I can do this!

Then one day whilst meditating and receiving intuitive messages I pushed back.  I said ‘Go away, leave me alone!  I’m not ready!  I’m frightened!  How do I even know if you are good?”

Then I was spoken to “Don’t think.  FEEL.” 

This followed by a huge wave of love that I would liken to being hugged by an Angel.  Pure love!

I was no longer afraid…

Okay, I surrender, I’ll take guidance from spirit, I’m in your hands.  But please, whatever I do, it needs to be authentic, honest, professional and pure.  Bring to me what is meant to be, but most of all, help me with the confidence required to make people feel better!

I then frequented my local Spiritual church where messages were conveyed by mediums, I received guidance and direction with messages flowing thick and fast.  That's when I indulged myself in intensive training programs to bring Bella Anima to you.

I trained as a fledgling medium and developed my skills in NLP and Life Coaching, I learnt reiki, Myan energy healing, I hosted spiritual development workshops at my local spiritual church in Bournemouth along with the beautiful church president Janet.  

I documented all the incoming messages that I received from spirit during my journey as I believe they might give comfort to anyone who is unsure and still sitting on the fence, requiring a bit of proof when it comes to believing that the soul is eternal.  

We all like a bit of evidence, don’t we?

Professional Certifications & Accreditations 

Because if it's worth doing, it's worth doing properly and my clients deserve the best.


Interesting to know - I since learnt from palmistry workshops that if you are destined to serve mankind as a healer, you’ll have an ‘M’ in the middle of the palm of your hand.  


Look at yours, do you have it too?  Nurses, doctors, dentists, and carers, they will all have it, along with those practicing alternative medicine. Mine is clearly visible on my left hand.


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