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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a fascinating and powerful set of tools that can be used to help people reframe their thought patterns and create new possibilities for themselves. NLP helps us to re-wire our minds, so that we are no longer living in the same patterns of behaviour and thinking, but instead create new pathways that lead to greater success. One of the most powerful aspects of NLP is its ability to reset our subconscious mind. 

By using simple NLP techniques we can reprogram our minds so that we are no longer stuck in negative cycles, but instead can create positive outcomes for ourselves. With a subconscious mind reset, you can learn to tap into your full potential, and create the life of your dreams. 

So if you are looking for a way to move past old patterns and become the best version of yourself, NLP is definitely worth exploring.  Why not invest 15 minutes of your time for a FREE exploratory call to learn if it's right for you?


Gill has been trained and certified to an exceptionally high standard by world renowned expert and mentor Ali Campbell

What To Expect During an NLP Session

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To begin with, it is important that you are comfortable and relaxed.  She will work with you to get comfortable in her therapy room.  However, if working over zoom, you really cannot be disturbed, so switch your phone off and put a note on your front door.  Gill suggests that any pets are supervised in another room.  Gill will need to see your face and your hands; she would like your neck to be supported and comfortable. 


Remember an NLP session is designed to help you to achieve personal goals, overcome challenges, and improve various aspects of your life.  In general, anticipate up to three or more sessions to achieve optimal results.  Here’s what you can generally expect during an NLP session with Gill:


  • Initial Consultation - Purpose
    • The first session typically involves an initial consultation where Gill will gather information about you, your goals, and the specific issues you want to address.


  • Process - Assessment
    • Gill will ask you questions about your current situation, challenges, and what you hope to achieve while establishing a comfortable and trusting relationship. 


  • Purpose
    • Clearly defining what you want to achieve through the NLP sessions.


  • Setting Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals.


  • Ensuring that both you and Gill have a clear understanding of your desired outcomes.


  • Identifying the patterns of thinking, behaviour, and communication that are affecting your life.


  • Discussion
    • Talking about your habits, thought processes, and reactions in various situations.


  • Observation
    • Gill may observe your body language, speech patterns, and emotional responses.


  • Gill will likely take you into a trance state before using specific NLP techniques to help you change unhelpful patterns and achieve your goals.


  • She will use anchoring after creating associations between a positive emotional state and a specific trigger to help you access that state when needed after changing the way you perceive and interpret events to alter your emotional response and behaviour.


  • She may use Visualisation techniques, guiding you through an imagery recall helping you envision achieving your goals and overcoming obstacles.


  • She may use Swish Pattern techniques to replace negative thought patterns with positive ones by visualising a shift from an undesired state to a desired state.


  • She may use Timeline Therapy to work on your mental timeline to resolve past negative experiences and shape a positive future.


  • Feedback and Adjustment
    • Reviewing progress and making any necessary adjustments to the approach.


  • Review
    • Discussing what has been effective and any challenges you are facing.


  • Adaptation
    • Modifying techniques and strategies to better suit your needs and progress.


  • Integration and Practice
    • Helping you integrate new patterns and skills into your daily life.


  • Encouraging you to apply what you’ve learned in real-life situations to reinforce changes.  It is likely that she will put it to the test, if for example you have a fear of heights.  She will take you to a high building to test that you can cope and are fixed. 


  • Providing ongoing support to ensure lasting change and continued progress. Scheduling follow-up sessions to review progress and continue working towards your goals.


  • Ongoing Supportive Communication - Offering support through email or phone calls between sessions if needed.


General Expectations

  • Empowerment - The focus will be on empowering you to make positive changes and take control of your life.


By understanding what to expect during an NLP session, you can enter the process with confidence and an open mind, ready to make meaningful changes in your life.

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Anxiety is usually a result of stress caused by social and environmental factors and can include childhood trauma, social isolation, negative life events, pressures relating to work or education, physical or mental health problems, or social and societal pressures. 

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Personal Development

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Behaviour Therapy

NLP helps people replace unwanted and unconscious thought patterns with conscious and thought-through objectives. When we achieve these conscious and thought-through objectives or goals (it may even just be a simple pattern of thought) and it replaces an unwanted behaviour then that makes us feel good.

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Professional Certifications & Accreditations 

Because if it's worth doing, it's worth doing properly, accreditations and certificates that respresnt my continued personal investment and commitment because I sincerely believe my clients deserve nothing but the best.


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